Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My thoughts on the in class essay.

Fabiola Oregon

Mr. Murphy

English 914

1 Nov. 2013


    In the essay “On Being 17, Bright and Unable to Read,” by David Raymond, he discusses the great difficulties he had with reading because of his dyslexia. As a result of having dyslexia David faced many problems in school. Raymond was a junior in high school when one day a substitute teacher picked him to read aloud from the textbook, when he told her, “No, thank you,” she thought he was acting smart. This made the substitute teacher mad, but Raymond had been through similar scenes such as this one all his life. David was told that even though he is 17 and a junior in high school, he read “at a fourth-grade level.”Raymond would come home on occasions and would scream, “Im dumb. Im dumbI wish I were dead!”teachers would try to encourage him only he couldnt even read his own name, it was embarrassing. David then began being tested and seen by a child psychiatrist, or had been forced to go to camp for children with reading problems for instance. Being dyslexic or having any condition isnt something that should give people an excuse to shut someone down for, many great inventors or musicians had similar disorders.

    I agree with David Raymonds point or reason for writing this essay. He says, “I have told this story because maybe some teacher will read it and go easy on a kid in the classroom who has what Ive got.” Hesright; maybe a teacher who has read this essay will stop and be considerate next time they pick on a student. That teacher could move on to the next student and simply approach the student who wasnt comfortable with speaking aloud or presenting after class. This way when the teacher who so brutally pointed that student out in front of the entire class, told that student to meet after class and discuss the situation and realize the position he or she was in. some teachers are so prideful that they dont care what the situation is that the student might have they will still make that student feel like they are no different than the rest of the class.

    For example, I have a friend who had minor dyslexia throughout high school. As a result, she came across similar experiences as Raymond did; the only difference was if she was ever picked on she wouldnt sit there in a calm manner. Raymond was calm about the situation whereas my friend Roxana didnt appreciate being put on the spot, her solution was use her condition against the teacher. I am in favor of Raymonds essay because like my friend Roxana and himself if a teacher reads this essay, next time they can stop and think, “okay, Ill talk to this student afterclass.” Because even picking on students who dont have any conditions feel bad being picked on. Its just a matter of thinking before we act, we dont know what people suffer from the same way they dont know what we go through. 

    A second example would be in the case of my cousin Eduardo who is diagnosed severe ADHD. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be severeor minor because ones attention is at a very low, and aside from that it involves hyperactivity. ADHD can be similar to dyslexia except my cousin Eduardo is a very smart young man his only problem is remaining calm and paying attention. Outsiders meaning not at school or family see my cousin as a crazy kid who is not disciplined by his parents. Teachers at school first reaction to my cousin are, “Oh my, what a zoo animal.” But like Raymond and my friend Roxanas situation there are people who dont consider asking what the reason for his short attention life span is, or why he happens to be so hyper. In my cousin Eduardos case there is a prescribed medication for him that controls his body to be calm, and focus his attention for a certain amount of hours a day. I agree with Raymonds essay because people who suffer from dyslexia, 

ADHD, etc., can be smarter than people or teachers give them credit for not necessarily in reading or math but something that most people usually cant accomplish. 

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