Thursday, October 10, 2013

Childhood School Memory.

My early schooling began in Los Angeles, CA my first day of what was a daycare combined with preschool, in a small neighborhood made up of middle eastern residents. Since my mother is Hispanic and Arabic she wanted me attend this school in my early childhood because she never grew up with her middle eastern family. Sele Amara was my teachers name, to me it was Mrs. Amara emphasis on the arabic accent. She had yellow almost pale looking skin with a overgrown nose and a mole right on her nose. I was terrified because she looked almost like my aunt, except she had really short boy hair. I hoped that she would be as nice as my aunt, they almost had the same name, Selerina is my aunts name. She greeted my aunt really well, that was a good sign, my mom left and she instructed all the students including myself to do a few activities and work. Finally it was time to play with toys and other things she had available, I noticed a really colorful looking item which made me interested so I reached for it and it fell. A part of this traditional Syrian shrine had broke, she ran and took me to her desk and made me put my hand on her desk. She pulled out the ruler and BAM! After that day, she targeted me with the ruler for anything I wasn't supposed to be doing. I don't think ill ever forget my first day of Mrs. Amara's class.

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